Facebook Reactions: What’s not to like?

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Facebook Reactions

It seems after countless years of pressure from their community to add more flavours to their ‘Like’ button Facebook have finally given in to the mob.

This week they launched their new range of emojis or Reactions which will sit alongside the original Like button to allow users to express a fuller range of emotions instead of just giving a post a thumbs up (or an eerie disapproving silence).

The new buttons include a range of emotions: Love, Ha Ha, Wow, Sad and Angry. When pressed the various emotions expressed show up next to the number of likes a that post currently has. To see the detail you need to hover (or click on the mobile app) to see who has expressed which emotion.

Yay Reaction

Originally, the new set of Reactions also included a ‘Yay’ button. However it has become clear after launch that ‘Yay’ is conspicuously missing. Mark Zuckerberg earlier revealed that Yay was abandoned after users of the first roll-out in Ireland and Spain weren’t sure exactly on how to use the reaction. It didn’t offer much a difference between Wow and Love and so was dropped from the line up.

There is still the noticeable absence of a ‘Dislike’ option but the new range does give you better opportunity to express your feelings from good to bad. What new social faux pas these new reactions will throw into social media quagmire remains to be seen. At least you can worry less about accidentally liking a sad or controversial post after reading it and looking a bit of a technological boob. Whether more emotions such a ‘Meh’ or ‘Sigh’ or ‘WTF’ will be added at later date is still unclear. Popular internet satirist Oatmeal has some rather adult (NSFW) thoughts on the matter on his Facebook Page.

All we know is that more Reactions were tested in the initial phases so watch this space.

How do you get the new Facebook Reactions to work?

On Desktop – Hover over the like button with your mouse and the new Reactions should appear above the comment box.

On Mobile – Click on the like button and the new Reactions will appear. Choose one or click away to close the pop-up.

Android users have been reporting some problems with the new feature. You may need to update the app in the Play Store if you are experiencing this.

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